Notary Public Service on Campus

Alphabetical by last name:

Name Department Location
Jacqueline Baker School of Business & Economics Au Sable 334
Gina Bond Institutional Advancement Hawkins 103
Cassie Burl Payroll Kehoe 904
Michele Carpentier Student Support Services Angell College Center 110
Julie Collins College Center Angell College Center 106
Melody DeLong Student Accounts Kehoe 101
Tamara Kelsey Morning: HRTM
Afternoon: School of Business & Economics
Sibley 403B
Au Sable 226
Sue Gadway President’s Office Hawkins 159
Angela King Institutional Advancement Hawkins 113
Jules LaPoint Maintenance & Operations Service Building 134B
Karen LaRoche Maintenance & Operations Service Building 110
Karen Latour English CV Hall 103
Shery Liberty Janitorial Service Building 125A
Janet Manor Biology/LCRI Hudson 337
Cindy McMurray Mathematics/Journalism Hawkins 244/ Ward 239
Diane Merkel Academic Affairs Kehoe 808
Deborah Mousseau Feinberg Library Feinberg 221
Sarah Reyell Human Resource Services Kehoe 912
CaroleAnne Rugar Student Affairs Kehoe 606
Angela Sprague Financial Aid Kehoe 406
Sharon St. Louis Institutional Advancement Hawkins 103
Eric Zielinski University Police Health Center 126