Graduate Student Profiles

Cislyn Richardson, M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology

"The graduate program offers small classes, dedicated and talented faculty, and affordable tuition for its students.  I was impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by faculty in their thorough preparation for classes, their interpersonal interactions with students, and their willingness to give support when it was required.  In addition, SUNY Plattsburgh offers opportunities for personal and professional development."

"During my graduate experience, I have developed deep bonds with all of my classmates."

Dan Eckerd, M.S.T. in Adolescence Education

"I chose the SUNY Plattsburgh MST program since it was designed for non-education undergrads. This program focuses on making a candidate into a teacher. We dove right in: the first week we discussed student learning objectives and what makes a 'good' teacher. The rest followed quickly, and within a month I created my first formal lesson plan."

"Being at the branch campus is unbelievable. The location is perfect: we're less than an hour from Albany, twenty minutes from Saratoga, and half an hour from Vermont. Since we're such a small group, we've formed bonds quickly. I feel that each member of this program is a personal friend. We support each other: each member brings strengths and weaknesses to the table, and this allows us to create a 'team-mentality' to tackle common concerns and issues."

Joshua Roberts, M.S.T. in Adolescence Education

"I choose SUNY Plattsburgh for a few underlying reasons."
"The first is the speed of the program. This program is accelerated: 7 courses this first semester, with numerous projects, lesson plans, and observation hours that must be completed. I feel like we dove right into the instruction and haven’t looked back yet."
"Another major reason I choose SUNY Plattsburgh was the proximity to home. Living in Saratoga Springs, the branch campus in Queensbury was an ideal fit." 


Cathleen Collins, M.S.T. in Childhood Education

"I chose the MST program because, as a returning adult student who earned a BA many years ago, the program offered a pathway to teaching certification at the master’s level."
"I chose the branch campus because it is a short commute from where I live. With a family and work, I wanted to minimize my travel time."
"I appreciate that the professors model the instructional strategies and philosophies they are teaching. I also find the field placement time invaluable."   


Grace Carlin, M.S.T. in Childhood Education

"I chose SUNY Plattsburgh because it is known for its teacher education department; it has a great reputation. "

"There are a lot of good things going for the M.S.T. Childhood Education Program.  I really enjoy the small class size and the one-on-one attention that I am able to get from all of my professors."

"I am very glad that we are able to do field experiences in this program.  It has given me the opportunity to see what it's like in an actual classroom before going out student teaching."

Genesys Nunez, M.S.Ed. in Special Education

"I chose SUNY Plattsburgh for its 5-year, combined B.S. in Childhood Education/M.S.Ed. in Special Education Program."

"I really like the fact that I am taking classes with experienced teachers." 

"When I graduate, I will be one step ahead of the game.  I won't have to go back to school during my first five yeas of teaching.  I will be able to focus on professional development and growing as a first year teacher."

Morgan Casey, M.S.Ed. in Special Education

"I absolutely love the class size because it gives you the opportunity to have direct communication with your peers and professors.  The flexibility of the class scheduling also works to your advantage.  It allows you to hold a job as well as to attend classes in the evening."

"I am very close with all of my professors--even in the online classes."

"I chose SUNY Plattsburgh again because I really wanted to be in a community of professionals who share in my same interests and who I knew would encourage my continued intellectual development and enthusiasm."


Kelly Shoulder, M.S.Ed. in Literacy Education

 "After graduation from Stonybrook University with a B.A. in Earth Science Education, I decided to get my Masters in Literacy.

"I wanted to attend a more community oriented yet prestigious school. At SUNY Plattsburgh you are more than just a number. Professors know your name, and the small class sizes allow for real discussion.

"There are also opportunities for graduate students to work on and off campus. The campus itself is unique in that it offers diverse events within the Adirondack region. I know I have found a school that will challenge and shape me into who I want to become."

Michelle Bavaro (B.S.N., R.N.), M.S. in Leadership 

"SUNY Plattsburgh’s Leadership Program has given me the tools to brave challenges with confidence and assurance."
"The courses are designed to promote balance between learning and living."
"Understanding leadership theory and applying effective leadership techniques at work has made for a rich, “real life” learning experience."

"I am grateful and proud to be a part of this program. It seems it was 'just what the doctor ordered.'”



Karmaruzaman Mohammed, M.S. in Leadership

"The best part of my graduate program is the focus on self-actualization.  I am encouraged to find my true self and my unique identity as an aspiring leaders and as a person."

"I have learned to look at things through different lenses and to be open-minded."

"Organizations require individuals with the tools, knowledge, and ability to influence and inspire people from within."

"With this degree, I am well equipped to embark on any career path of my choosing."


Justin Ecret, M.S. in Natural Science

"Overall, my experience in the M.S. in Natural Science Program has been great."

"I've strengthened my knowledge and understanding of the ecology and biology associated with the Adirondacks."

"Students have access to diverse ecosystems, including Adirondack streams and mountains, as well as Lake Champlain."

"Finally, I'm leaving with the skills necessary to apply for a wide variety of employment opportunities."


Tim Shearman, M.S. in Natural Science

"I wanted to attend a SUNY school for its affordability.  I chose Plattsburgh because it was the right size and because of the location."

"My advisor, Dr. Martine, suggested an amazing potential research project looking at plant communities in AuSable Marsh that I could not pass up."

"The Adirondacks make for a great outdoor classroom."

"Classes are fun, interesting, and challenging.   Faculty members are extremely helpful."

Amanda Sorrell, M.S. in Student Affairs Counseling

"My counseling cohort is a unified community of students.  Students and faculty help one another discover their strengths as well as their weaknesses, enabling us as individuals and as a group to continue to grow throughout our master's work."

"The professors are approachable and will go out of their way to assist you.  They are more than just 'my professors,' they are my mentors and family."

"Be ready for an amazing experience where you will form unforgettable friendships and grow a great deal in a short amount of time."

Lauren Carter, M.S.Ed./C.A.S. in School Counselor

"SUNY Plattsburgh has a great reputation for its counseling programs.  They are CACREP accredited."

"The professors are extremely welcoming and help you feel comfortable from the very first day."

"The small community feel really creates a great learning environment.  The class sizes are small so you are able to really learn through hands-on, experiential lessons and activities."

Kyle McAuliffe, M.A./C.A.S. in School Psychology

"I chose SUNY Plattsburgh for its nationally accredited School Psychology Program."

"Being able to work in the schools from day one was wonderful.  The hand-on experiences and getting to quickly apply what you are leaning in the classroom is invaluable."

Charmaine R. Long (Didactic Instructor for Glens Falls Hospital Radiology Program), M.A. in Liberal Studies--Administration and Leadership

"The interactive experiences of the courses have been helpful in all aspects of my career. The course design was particularly helpful in developing skills and abilities that I could apply immediately in my work."
"I was able to engage the hospital in my coursework when conducting surveys, research, and writing my degree thesis."

"My confidence and job performance were positively impacted as I developed more advanced leadership skills, especially in dealing with different levels of administration."



Carissa Conley, C.A.S. in Educational Leadership

"I had completed research for programs throughout the Capital District. The programs were adequate, but none of them completely met my needs."

"SUNY Plattsburgh was recommended to me. The Leadership program was affordable, allowed me the opportunity to work full-time, and gave me the ease of obtaining a degree both online and in the classroom."

"It’s been a wonderful experience, allowing me to pursue my goal of becoming a Director of Special Education within my district or another district in the area."

Lisa Jabaut, M.A./C.A.S. in School Psychology

"I chose SUNY Plattsburgh for my graduate program because it has a reputation for generating skilled professionals and offers practicum experiences beginning in the first semester."

"Plattsburgh is affordable, close to home, and spoken of very highly by previous students."

"The best aspects of the program are the small class size, participation in local schools and organizations, and practicum experiences."

"The thesis requirement has allowed me to develop a personal relationship with my thesis chair who has consistently offered assistance and guidance."

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