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Certificate in Birth–Grade 2 Early Childhood Education

Add Birth to Grade 2 to Your Existing Teacher Certification

For teachers who hold initial or professional teacher certification, this certificate only program enables teachers currently certified (or eligible for certification) to teach grades one through six to extend their certificate to grades birth to grade 2.

Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Birth–Grade 2 (12 credits)

This 12-credit program provides information and experiences that will enable teachers to successfully engage in the teaching and learning process with children from birth to grade 2. Upon successful completion of the certificate program the college will recommend the individual through the approved pathway.

Students will understand and demonstrate competencies in aspects of early childhood education, including but not limited to:

  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Instruction, including multicultural aspects of and Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) for diverse populations; historical and contemporary trends in early childhood education; the developmental domains — social, emotional, cognitive, psychomotor, academic, and communicative; the fundamentals of literacy; and, lesson planning and implementation of DAP.
  • Reasoning and Content Area Concepts, including mathematical concepts — exploratory, discovery, manipulatives, constructivist approach; aspects of social skills, family, community, multicultural education, anti-bias curriculum; problem solving; aspects of the physical environment, materials, strategies, techniques, and activities; how to develop and use learning centers and learning stations.
  • Creative Expression, including visual arts, music, drama and creative dramatics, play, and dance and movement.
  • Organizing and Planning for Creative Teaching in Early Childhood Settings, including playing and the importance of play in the early learning period; and, content areas infused throughout the curriculum — integrated curriculum, units, thematic approaches.
  • Collaborating with Parents, Professionals, and Administrators.
  • Meeting the Needs of Young Children with Exceptional Learning Needs.
  • Assessment, including formal, informal, and authentic assessment and using assessment results for planning.
  • Organizing and Implementing Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Programs.

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For information about the Certificate in Birth–Grade 2 Early Childhood Education at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Heidi Schnackenberg, Ph.D.
Professor, Teacher Education Unit
Program Area Coordinator, M.S.Ed. Graduate Programs Office Location: Sibley Hall 309
Phone: (518) 564-5143
Fax: (518) 564-2149
Email: heidi.schnackenberg@plattsburgh.edu

Jennifer Clancy
Phone: (518) 564-2125
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