Biological Sciences Programs at SUNY Plattsburgh

Build a Successful Career in Biology

Are you planning to attend medical school? Interested in a career as a veterinarian or a dentist? Do you want to be involved in cutting edge research? Our graduates have done all of these. Whatever your aspirations, if biology fascinates you and you are thinking about building your future around it then SUNY Plattsburgh is the place for you.

We offer 5 academic majors and a minor in biology. All of our academic programs provide a challenging curriculum with a solid foundation in chemistry, physics, and calculus in addition to a broad offering of courses in biology.

Health-Related Professions With a Future

If you enjoy biology, chemistry, and lab work and are looking for a challenging career with an excellent job outlook then the med-tech/cytotech program may be for you. Most of our graduates have multiple job offers by the time they complete their clinical internship. For more information please visit the med-tech/cytotech program pages.

Pre-Health and Pre-Med Advisement

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee can help you choose the right health career for you. If you decide to continue your studies in medical school, veterinary school, or other related disciplines the committee can help you prepare for graduate schools.

Undergraduate Research and State-of-the-Art Teaching Facilities

Our students' undergraduate research projects have resulted in numerous student publications, research grants, and presentations at national and international conferences. We actively engage our students in research through participation in faculty-mentored research projects (Bio 495) and the unique Cellular Biochemistry Research Experience (Bio 490).

SUNY Plattsburgh was one of four colleges and universities nationwide to be awarded a LI-COR Biosciences Genomics Education Matching Funds (GEMF) grant (2005). The GEMF program provided a DNA sequencing system and software, which our undergraduates use to study molecular biology and related fields. Two Educational Technology grants were also awarded to the department. The first grant provided a computer classroom, which includes a presentation system, laser printer and electronic components for human physiology laboratories. The second educational technology grant provided 24 tablet PCs with wireless connection.

The Department of Biological Sciences is in the Beaumont Life Sciences Building (a.k.a. Beaumont Hall). Approximately 28,000 square feet in the building are allocated to biology and serves as the home for some 300 majors. Students have access to 10 large teaching laboratories, which can accommodate as many as 24 students each, as well as 16 research laboratories equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation and computers.

Biology News

Photo of Sandra LatourelleSUNY Plattsburgh Biology Educator Receives National Award

A SUNY Plattsburgh faculty member has won national acclaim for her work in biology education.

Sandra Latourelle ’70 G’76, an adjunct lecturer of biological sciences, is receiving a teaching award from the National Association of Biology Teachers during its convention this week in Minneapolis. The award honors a four-year college or university faculty member who demonstrates creativity and innovation in his/her teaching.

Read more.


Photo of Dr. Nancy Elwess meeting with President Barack Obama in a special White House ceremonyDr. Nancy Elwess Wins Presidential Award for Excellence

SUNY Plattsburgh's Dr. Nancy Elwess received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring from President Barack Obama in a Jan. 6 ceremony.

She was recognized for engaging students in high-level DNA research to help them unlock mysteries of the past and present, win awards, and discover the 'fun' of science. Read more.


Biochemistry Major Takes Home International Honors for DNA Research of Ancient Skeletons

Nishank Bhalla, a junior biochemistry major, won the highest award at this year's international undergraduate Sigma Xi conference for a poster presentation of his research sequencing DNA collected from skeletons of the ancient Maya. Other SUNY Plattsburgh students are studying a newly found hemoglobin gene in planaria (flat worms). And still others are working on a joint project involving the biology and the psychology departments to find out why some genes may express themselves behaviorally and others may not. Read more.

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